Articles by Dr. Al-Qudsi

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Dr. Sulayman Al-Qudsi's has published numerous articles on the topics of energy, development and labor economics, resource economics, the Arab economic markets. Depending on your system configuration, you may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files below.

Safeguarding Measures (Oxford Business Group) — 2011

Pre and post-fiscal distributional patterns in Kuwait — 1981

Arab Demography and Health Provision — 2010

Geopolitics of Energy — October, 2009

Trade Volatility - The Dollar Peg and Inflation in the GCC Countries — June, 2008

Amman Stock Exchange - A Blooming Rose in the Backyard of the Jordanian Economy — April, 2008

Unemployment Evolution in the GCC Economies — July, 2006

Calgary Imagine! 2006 — January, 2006

An Empirical Evaluation of Consumption Behaviour in Oil Societies

The Demand for Children in Arab countries

Earnings Differences in the Labor Market of Kuwait

Family Background, School Enrollments and Wastage

Female Work Roles in a Traditional Oil Economy

Income Distribution in Kuwait

Is the Lifeline a Viable Alternative to Kuwait's Fixed Electricity Tariff?

Children's Educational Outcomes Under Adverse Labor Market Conditions

On Labor Markets in the Arab World

Renewable Electricity Generation in Competitive Markets

Sex Discrimination in the Kuwait Labour Market

Social Safety Nets (Arabic)

Sustainability and the Valuation of Externalities from Electricity Generation in California

The Changing Characteristics of Migrant Workers

The Health Sector of a High Fertility Region

Water Resources: Use, Constraints and Potential for Cooperation in the Middle East

Civil Service And Labor Market In Yemen

Returns to Education, Sectoral Pay Differentials and Determinants in Kuwait - 1989