Dr. Sulayman Al-Qudsi

Dr. Sulayman S. Al-Qudsi is the Chief Economist of the Arab Bank, and is an internationally recognized author in the fields of energy, labor and macroeconomic-financial markets interactions.

As the Chief Economist at the Arab Bank, Dr. Al-Qudsi leads research teams in studying global and regional financial markets and their inter-linkages with the regional and global economies. He is also the senior editor of the refereed academic journal Arab Bank Review and the author of numerous Arab Bank publications including Arab Bank Weekly Economic Monitor (ABWEM).

Dr. Al-Qudsi has implemented many consultancy projects for the World Bank, Harvard Institute for International Development, OAPEC and the International Labor Office. In addition to serving as a referee for many journals, Dr. Al-Qudsi is one of the founding members of the Cairo-based Economic Research Forum of Arab Countries, Iran and Turkey (ERF) and is the recipient of several grants and honors including best TA award from U.C. Davis (1977), a prize from The Arab Bank for the Best Young Arab Economist (1988), a DOE grant (1995) and a prestigious prize from Kuwait (2003).